A-stands, information stands

Visual communication is the key. New products, best offers, noteworthy events – it is essential in the information exchange process to direct the customer towards important information well in advance. Informative and timely signs help improve the overall shopping experience.

The following selection is not definitive. If you could not find a suitable product but know exactly what you want, contact us.


A-stand with clip profile ZPA
Suitable for interior use
Aluminum profile 25 mm
Format: A1, A2, 500×700, 700×1000 mm

A-stand with clip profile ZPC2
Aluminum profile 37 mm
Format: A0, A1, A2, 500×700, 700×1000 mm

Chalkboard ZPCHBLB
Brown wooden profile 40 mm
Format: 550×850 mm

Wall mounted chalkboard CHBLB60x80
Brown wooden profile 40 mm
Format: 600×800 mm

Table top chalkboard TCHBLBA4
Brown wooden base  60 mm
Format: A4


* All chalkboards are available with black wooden profile also

Poster stands

Advertising stand on spring legs WTEEA
Clip profile 40 mm at the sides
Format: A0, A1


Advertising stand with fillable base WTEA
Clip profile 40 mm at the sides
Format: A0, A1


LED magnetic poster frame PMLED
LED lighting, magnetic strip
Interior use
Format: A0, A1, A2

Advertising stand with clip profile KRA
Aluminum profile 25 mm
Sharp corners
Format: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4


12xA4 brochure stand BR4X3W230
Pockets on both sides
Aluminum side profiles
Height: 1615 mm

Zigzag 6xA4 brochure stand ZZPUA
Steel structure
Slip-resistant base
Height: 1503 mm

Wall mounted brochure holder 10054
5xA4 brochure pockets (10xA4 available)

Brochure holder on wheels 20204
20xA4 brochure pockets (40xA4 available)

Brochure stand MB4C230
4xA4 pockets
Slip-resistant base
Height: 1115 mm

Menu stand MBA4G25
Clip profile 25mm
Slip-resistant base
Height: 1080 mm

Menu stand MBSCZ
LED lighting, lockable
Interior and exterior use
Height: 1150 mm

Window display system APPENDO PRO
Hanging cable with ceiling or wall mount
Acrylic 2-sided poster pockets in A0-A4 format
Cables and panel mounting ordered separately


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