About the company

We started at the beginning of the 1990s as an importer of Swedish and Italian store furnishing, and at the same time, we became the authorised reseller of the products of the Swedish large manufacturer of retail accessories, HL Display, in Estonia. As of today, we have significantly expanded our area of activity – we have our own building with an office, showroom and a spacious warehouse, and large manufacture. Our modern machinery park includes a laser cutter, CNC milling machine as well as different hot-bending machines and many other machines.

The efficient display of products substantially increases the profit merchants receive, and the mission of Meediagrupi is to offer the merchants the possibility to create a pleasant shopping experience for the customer through attractive and interesting store furnishing. We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of commercial furnishing and display solutions. Our product selection includes all the products necessary for furnishing a store; in addition, we manufacture PVC and acrylic standard solutions and custom-made products according to the customer’s wishes.

We have furnished different stores, points of sale, petrol stations and pharmacies with commercial fixtures and equipment which correspond to the specifics of product groups, taste of the merchant, and financial capacity. Together we will find the suitable means to better display the goods and to promote sales work in small as well as large stores.

Thanks to our professionalism and experiences, we know how to approach each project individually. The quality of the product and service and customer satisfaction are our priority.

We look forward to our cooperation!