Over 25 years of experience with commercial furniture has given us the knowledge base of our customers’ needs and a list of loyal customers domestically and abroad. Today we are mainly focused on bespoke furniture.

Store furnishing

We offer a wide range of store fittings, standard solutions and custom-made products both included – from label holders to information stands and from cosmetic displays to pharmacy drawers. We are able to offer comprehensive solutions for your store – from small boutiques to hypermarkets.
Long-term experience in this field enables us to design and create unique interiors for any type of store.


Our modern machinery park gives us the means to manufacture various pieces of furniture from different materials (e.g. plywood, timber, MDF, glass, plexiglass, dibond, aluminum, metal etc). We’re also flexible enough to manufacture PVC and plexiglass products in small quantities.

We also have experience working with MED-certified materials (e.g. FIPRO® Light 500, Alucore®, Fireshield Marine® etc.)

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