Hand sanitizer stations

Every company is responsible for the well-being of its customers and employees these days. The availability of disinfectants has become the new norm at the entrances of companies and shopping centers. For convenient hand disinfection, we offer automatic hand sanitizer stations and solutions with both, lockable and unlocked disinfectant holder, for service facilities and other public spaces.

Disinfectant holders are equipped with an A4 information board and the support is provided by a post with a 300 × 300 mm metal foot. The finish is resistant to various chemicals and can be ordered in different colors if desired. The height of the station allows people of all ages to use it comfortably (H 1500-1700 mm).

The automatic station is equipped with a dispenser with a capacity of 1 l, the dispenser model may differ from the one in the picture. Disinfectant is not included.
The lockable disinfectant holder
is suitable for 0.5 l and 1 l (Chemi-Pharm) bottles. The bottom dimensions for unlocked holder are 100×100 mm, which must be taken into account when choosing the bottle.

Additional questions and order inquiries:

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