Skyline hanging system

The Skyline hanging system offers different possibilities for displaying information and advertising materials. The system is easy to use, and it saves time spent on changing posters. Sky-Trak system is a stylish choice – reliable and modern aluminium profile and plastic elements create an attractive visual.

Hanging rail MINI-TRAK
Aluminium profile for hanging informational materials above product shelves and refrigerated display cabinets.

mini-trak     mini-trak_eps

End cap MINI-END
For MINI-TRAK profile
The posters can be inserted to the profile without removing the end cap

mini-end     mini-end_eps

Hanging loop MINI-LOOP
For MINI-TRAK profile
Use with heavier rails
Length: 75 mm

mini-loop     mini-loop_eps

Hanging loop MINI-LOOP-D
For MINI-TRAK profile
Inserted to the profile at the sides.
Colour: black

mini-loop-d    mini-loop-d_eps

Connector MINI-JOIN
With MINI-TRAK hanging loops
For connecting two MINI-TRAK profiles
Length: 150 mm

mini-join-d     mini-join-d_eps

Plastic strip with holes STRM-LINE
For MINI-TRAK profile
Makes it easier to hang materials on the rails
Colour: transparent

strm-line     strm-line-13_eps

Poster holder with clip profile GRIPPER
For fastening posters and leaflets
Suitable for materials with a thickness of 0.1-3 mm
Colour: transparent

gripper     gripper_eps

Multi-functional fastening loop MPH
Fastens directly to MINI-TRAK profile
Loop enables parallel as well as perpendicular hanging

mph     mph_eps

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